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Welcome to Jenkins Centrifuge - where centrifuge rebuilding is more than a science... it is an art.


Your centrifuge is an important part of your plant operations and requires periodic rebuilding to maintain its maximum performance. When you begin to notice signs of excess wear - fines turning up in your liquids, excessive vibration, or just an overall decline in your centrifuge's performance, give Jenkins Centrifuge Rebuilding Service a call. We will work with your schedule to find the best time to bring in your unit so that we can get it returned quickly, minimizing any down time for your business.

We know your company's centrifuge and how vital it is to your business.

Jenkins will provide you with an up-front estimate on time and money. We base our figures on a worst-case scenario, but only charge for the parts and labor actually used. This approach assures that Jenkins customers receive the most competitive price in the business.


When your unit arrives at Jenkins, the centrifuge and its parts will be stamped with an identification number. This will ensure that all tracking and accounting will be accurate for each customer and each job.

Fit Checking

First, we disassemble the centrifuge. All the parts are immersed in a special dip tank, where they are chemically cleaned. Afterwards, they are high-pressure washed, and even sand blasted when necessary.

After cleaning, the parts of your centrifuge will be sent to various work stations for inspection by our qualified technicians. All the faces from parts are checked for wear, then repaired or replaced when necessary.

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